Inspired by my uni pal Rachel Hills’ post today on a few of her favourite women, here are a selection of mine, it being International Women’s Day and me being a sucker for a new blog challenge¬†and all.

The common thread is the feelings I have for each of these five – of loyalty towards them, friendship with them, admiration for them – and thankful that each brings energy and fun into my life.

Mummy Gaga

One of the biggest characters around, my Mum. She’s been supremely devoted to her kids from day dot and I don’t know what I’d do without her daily help – back in the 80′s I remember her bringing to primary school a lunchbox with gourmet sandwiches, frozen juice packs and cooled facecloths in the heat of summer. Big hair, big heart, big voice, and a big fan of my Captain Morgan, who loves her entertainment and bestowed her with the nickname Gaga on his first birthday – to her delight.

Jodie McKenzie

Everyone who meets Jodie loves her. She’s irreverently, wickedly funny and brings energy as well as her infectious cackling laugh wherever she goes. Luckily she’s my cuz, and we became Besties over a European Adventure in 1998 that provided us with enough hair-raising anecdotes to last a zillion years. Her kids Louis and Evie must love having someone that full of life as their mum.

Michelle Scully

From an old BFF to new, I’ve known Michelle for two years now, but we clicked from the start of our adventures together involved with PlanBig. Like me, she’s a PR and Marketing type who loves her some Social Media – albeit she works for the biggest PR Agency in the world while I run my itsy-bitsy consulting company from the home office. We share a love of good writing, trash TV, bubbles, fashion, and never have a shortage of ideas and opinions. Will go far, this one.

Jeanette Miller

How can I mention PlanBig and not include this vivacious, bubbly, crazy-haired, straight-talking, colour-wearing, simply luminescent lady? Jeanette has a Very Important Job heading up digital strategy for the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, and PlanBig – their online community helping people’s dreams become a reality – seems to stem directly from her outlook on life. Jeanette wants everyone to have a go at happiness, in whatever size, shape or form it comes. I need a bottle of Jeanette in the fridge at all times – she adds zing and zest to every occasion.

Jacqueline Pascarl

Survivor of ovarian cancer, an abusive marriage and the abduction of her first two children for 14 long years. Author, speaker, humanitarian aid worker, and soon-to-be columnist in Sunday Life Mag. Agent 99 to my most demanding (and loveable) client, Fairy Godmother to my son. She does it all our PJ, but our favourite thing to do together is drink lemony vodka on ice in our kitchen and eat and talk in silly voices about all things. Respect and admiration? Absolutely – with fondness and friendship and affection mixed in.

Who are your favourite women this International Women’s Day?

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